Postępy Fitoterapii

‘Postępy Fitoterapii’ has been published since 2000. The journal is an organ of the Phytotherapy Section of the Polish Medical Society. Our quarterly is included on the prestigious list of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (20 points), it is also indexed by Polish Medical Bibliography.

The Editorial Board consists of specialists in the fields of herbalism, pharmacy, biology and microbiology: Stanisław Han, PhD, Professor Irena Matławska, and many others.

‘Postępy Fitoterapii’ show phytotherapy as a modern method of treatment. The journal popularizes the knowledge on plant medication among physicians and pharmacists.

The quarterly is addressed to general practitioners, pharmacists, researchers in pharmacology, nutrition, and medical microbiology, as well as pharmacology students and non-specialist readers.

The articles are printed free of charge.

e-ISSN 1731-2477
p-ISSN 1509-8699

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